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Come SWEAT with US!

Did you know that the ACSM, the governing body for activity and fitness, states that to be healthy, an individual should participate in cardiovascular exercise 5x/week if moderate, 3x/week if vigorous, or 3-5 if combining the two intensities. Along with this it is recommended to participate in 2-3 days of strength or resistance training working all major muscle groups. Lastly, the ASCM recommends greater than 2-3 days of flexibility training. These are the standards for individuals to be “healthy”.

At 360 Fitness, we believe in these principles and offer you nearly 15 options in SWEAT group classes (12 or less participants because we want to make YOU the priority!) per week that combine all three of these to help you achieve optimal fitness. Not only do our clients love the smaller group class atmosphere, but the also love that is it truly about them, their needs, and our attention to detail to make their experience the BEST IT CAN BE! We definitely have FUN, but we also get things accomplished, get results, and walk away PROUD after each workout.

We practice the most appropriate and cutting edge techniques in flexibility and mobility work and when their is a need for additional lengthening and balance, our experienced/highly knowledgeable yoga instructors take over and guide you through a practice that leaves you feeling restored, refreshed, and ready to return to your 100%!

Stop in today and find out what all the fuss is about! We are ready to help you reach new heights and work together to achieve your goals!

Stay strong, stay healthy, stay happy!

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