360 Fitness

Lauren Bailey

NASM Certified Personal Train/Nutrition Coach 


Lauren is someone who can be described as dedicated, caring and positive.  She grew up in Waukesha and attended Waukesha West High School and Carroll University.  During college Lauren found her passion for coaching and teaching. Throughout college she coached both girls soccer and volleyball and taught swimming.  She paired those passions with her interest in science and the human body and graduated with high honors earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Science with an emphasis in Physical Education and Health.  

She is currently a full time high school fitness education teacher at Sussex Hamilton High School.  Here she has gained a lot of knowledge and experience on how to individualize and diversify material based on each student’s need/ability.  She has really enjoyed creating a space for her students that fosters developing a lifelong passion for being active in ways they enjoy and not viewing working out as a chore or punishment.  Along with teaching full time, Lauren also is the varsity assistant coach for the boys volleyball team.  In 2018 Lauren looked for an opportunity to help more than just her students and became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.  Lauren began training at a bootcamp with large groups; she is now looking forward to being able to give more direct and individualized instruction to her clients within a smaller atmosphere!

Outside of work, Lauren loves to be active in any way she can.  Being a past athlete in soccer and volleyball she loves to compete & challenge herself.  When college athletics came to end she began running to satisfy the urge to be competitive.  She has completed a handful of half marathons, a full marathon, a 200 mile relay run and now runs with MyTeam Triumph on occasion to share her ability with those who cannot run/move on their own.  She is always up for a challenge, but realized through experience with injury and health issues that there is a lot to gain in finding balance between pushing your limits and giving your body the recovery it needs from the constant demands of our busy lives and strenuous exercise.  She is looking forward to working with clients to help them find this balance in their health/fitness and personal endeavors.  

Lauren Is looking forward to learning even more about corrective exercise and how exercise can be used to prevent pain and injury and heal the mind and body by continuing her journey as a trainer with 360!


Lauren has had experience working in many different gym settings.  From front-desk worker to personal trainer, she has experienced all angles within the industry.  This ultimately has given her the opportunity to shape her philosophy and practice. She strives to educate individuals on how to move safely, find enjoyment in activity, and how to achieve balance and moderation for a healthy lifestyle.  She aims to help clients understand how they can enhance their life with movement and strength training. Lauren’s ultimate goal is to allow clients to do the things they love, reduce their stress and challenge their mind and body.  All of this while breaking the perception of needing to spend hours in the gym each day. The quote “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” resonates strongly with her. Lauren believes there is great value in educating clients how to incorporate fitness and wellness into their lifestyles.  When you create trusting relationships with individualized educational material and training sessions you can guide clients to invest in finding their “why”. Somebody’s “why” is their personal reason as to why they want to better themselves. Knowing their “why” allows clients to take ownership for creating a healthy lifestyle centered around movement, correctly fueling the body and personal growth.