360 Fitness

Taylor Shively

360’s newest addition to the team. Taylor Shively!!!!
We are so excited to have him join us!
Taylor has had much success in the way of his Sports Medicine Program.  Through his various techniques and vast knowledge of the human body, he has lead many individuals to heightened strength levels, expedited recovery, and optimal health.
Taylor also coaches a number of our Sweat group classes, where he brings a TON of energy, a few sore muscles, and buckets of Sweat!  Don’t miss out on the fun!
Taylor is a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and Masters of Science in Exercise Science. His development includes experience in high school, NAIA, and NCAA (D1/D3) settings. As a clinician, he believes in understanding movement patterns and functional exercise as a preventative measure. Certified in Functional Movement Screenings (FMS Level 1), SASTM technique, and Owens BFR Therapy. Taylor’s hobbies include hanging with friends and family, moonlighting as a professional photographer, lifting weights and challenging himself with anything that comes his way, and headlining as an electric slide instructor on the weekends!
Drop us a message for more information about Taylor and what he can offer you in your quest for optimal health and fitness 🏋️‍♂️🙌👍