360 Fitness

Josh Stanisch

Strength/Conditioning Expert/Certified Nutritition Coaching/Powerlifting/Strongman CoachingĀ 

Josh Stanisch grew up in Cedarburg where he attended Living Word Lutheran High School, lettering in 4 different sports. He then attended UW-Milwaukee where he continued to play baseball while receiving his degree in Biology. After graduation his passion for human anatomy combined with weight lifting led him to pursue a career in personal training.

With a decade of experience in the gym and over 3 years of coaching, Josh has gotten to work with a large variety of clients including athletes, post-surgery rehab cases, and the general population. He provides the most for his clients by designing straight forward programs built upon real life experience, proven principles, and habitual changes to help get results.

Josh now spends his time continuing to play baseball while competing in powerlifting and strongman events

Josh leads dynamic group classes and individualized private lessons.

Josh believes that success in the gym comes from keeping it simple. No new fitness trend, fancy machine, or supplement will ever beat the tried and true methods of weight loss and strength training. The training Josh takes his clients through revolves around learning proper mechanics, fixing imbalances, and improving strength. Strength is the basis for all other training goals. By getting strong, it is easier to lose fat, gain muscle, look aesthetic, be healthy, decrease injury, and increase performance

Josh's schedule

Monday 7am - 11am / 4pm-8pm
Tuesday 5am - 11am / 4pm-8pm
Wednesday 1pm - 8pm
Thursday 330pm - 8pm
Friday 6am - 11am / 2pm-8pm